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Make sure you read "Info" for the account rules/info.

Prize Shop! (wip)

Tickets Prize
-300 +10

- is a Coin. Used for playing games.
- is a Ticket. Games can give you Tickets. Tickets are used for buying stuff.
- Get free Coins & Tickets when you login daily. Day 1 you get 32 Coins and 50 Tickets. You get a bigger bonus each day with day 5 being the highest you will get 52 Coins & 300 Tickets per day if you login daily. Don't forget to log in or the bonus goes back to square one!

Donating and/or Buying Coins & Tickets:
- We use PayPal. Make sure you leave a note with your registered email address! So we know which account to edit. This is manually, may up to 24 hours for deposit.
- Send $1 to JudyHopps for 100 Coins and 1000 Tickets.
- Send $5 to JudyHopps for 600 Coins and 6000 Tickets.
- Send $10 to JudyHopps for 1400 Coins and 14000 Tickets.

Account Rules/Info:
- Common sense: Don't post bad words, no hacking, etc.
- Keep 1 3DS Arcade tab/window open at a time. Mainly to prevent errors or future errors. It's not mandatory, but it may cause you problems.
- 3DS Arcade is still in early development. Saved data can be accidentally deleted or may even be required to be deleted.
- 3DS Arcade is still in early development. Your email may not be safe or your account may be deleted at random.
- 3DS Arcade is still in early development. Long story short there can be all sorts of problems.
- ZERO tolerance ignoring rules. Ignoring rules is insulting. Instead of bans if we are insulted we may consider deleting all of your saved data.
- You are guaranteed nothing.
- As a new member, you are given 100 bonus coins and 1000 bonus Tickets.